Final Score 84 – Defend that tower!


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  • This week, we talk a lot about what we’re playing, take lots of calls, Brian gets the DotA2 beta, we read some e-mail and more!



  • Skull & Crossbones – Arcade
    • “The game’s player characters are One-Eye (player one) and Red Dog (player two), pirates on a venture to find a wizard stole their treasure. Skull & Crossbones has seven game levels. In some ports of the game, the first six levels may be played in any sequence: One-Eye’s Ship, Pirate’s Ship #1, Castle Keep, Pirate’s Ship #2, Far-Eastern Castle, Pirate’s Ship #3, and Medusa’s Lair. Once the first six are complete, the game advances to the seventh and final level, the Wizard’s Lair.

      In the Arcade version the players are also given four opportunities to change the difficulty of the game, when they defeat the captain of each of the three pirate ships and have a chance to get a opportunity item in the Castle, Ninja Lair, and Beach Cave. However the levels are forcibly played in the written sequence above. In two player, there are a few specific changes to how the game plays. Players must duel at the end of the level to see which gets the invulnerability item in the levels that have them (The non Pirate Ship levels)”

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