Final Score 79 – The Italian Batalion


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  • Superfrog – Amiga
    • “Superfrog was developed in 1993 and released for the Amiga in the same year by Team17, acting simultaneously as developer and publisher. The releasewas popular enough to spawn an Amiga CD32 version, which could also be played on some Amiga computers fitted with a CD drive. Due to its enduring popularity, it was then converted for the PC by Bubball Systems in 1994, running as an MS-DOS program. The Amiga version was re-released by Islona Software in 1999, with slightly different box art. In 2012, Superfrog was, along with other games by Team17, released as a legitimate digital download from, this version being the first compatible with Windows.

      The story, present in the game’s manual but mostly conveyed through the introductory animation by Eric W. Schwartz, concerns an unnamed prince, who is turned into a frog by a jealous witch, in homage to the Frog Prince fairy tale. His princess girlfriend is then abducted by the same witch. Subsequently sulking by the “River O’ Despair”, the prince chances upon a floating bottle of Lucozade, which confers upon him super powers.
      The game features an overt commercial tie-in with the energy drink Lucozade as a health-boosting powerup, similar to the Chupa Chups sponsorship of Zool, 7-Up’s sponsorship of Cool Spot and Quavers’ sponsorship of Pushover.

      The objective of the game is to find and defeat the witch, then rescue the princess, while achieving smaller objectives throughout, such as finding a golden key or escaping from captivity through a circus. When the player has defeated the witch, a quick end sequence shows the frog and the princess kissing, but – rather than the frog turning back into the prince – the princess is turned into a frog instead.”

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